est produced CPM500 series safety tile is a multi -purpose rubber coating for use in children's playgrounds coating , ie, places where presumably have an increased risk of injury and trauma .
Due to the good properties of the rubber coating is CPM 500 series used in covering sports stadiums , sidewalks and parking lots that require a lower burden of ehitusel. Rubber tiles are useded for both indoor and outdoor. Easy to maintain.

Different Uses

Private and commercial use for children 's playgrounds
Domestic playing and sports fields
Terraces , plazas
Sites around the pools and sand boxes
Courtyards, parking lots for houses
Greenhouses hiking gear
Sidewalks and paths gear
Sports and Fitness
Stables , farms
Industrial buildings vibration layer


Beautiful pure playground for year-round use
Available colors are black, red , green , and gray .
Lots of different colors that can be used in various color solutions
Highly durable and weatherproof
The critical fall height of 0.9 m - 2.0m

Rubber tile advantages over other coatings in front

A lower risk of injury and trauma
Less anxiety foreseeable injuries
Satisfaction with child safety
Rubber tiles are not toxic or harmful to both humans and animals